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We realize that your kitchen and bath is a critical part of your daily life. East Coast Granite is dedicated to providing the best quality countertops to your family. We are committed to maintaining our essential services to our customers. Rest assured that we will take every precaution to make sure that our customers and employees remain safe and can still complete your remodel so that you can continue your daily activities with the least amount of interruption possible.

Commercial Spaces

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East Coast Granite installed Link Apartment's (Greenville, SC) receptionist desk with a Quartz countertop and tiled base.

Link, luxury apartments, has a beautiful reception area topped with a beautiful White quartz and the base with a beautiful dark tile

East Coast Granite installed this beautiful White quartz countertop on a receptionist's desk at Link apartments in Greenville, SC

A gorgeous reception area at Link apartments located in Greenville, SC installed by East Coast Granite

Link's beautiful reception area installed by East Coast Granite

An accent wall in Link's reception area covered in a stacked glass tile that really demands one's attention

Comfortable commons area featuring White quartz countertops and tile bar front by East Coast Granite

A perfect gathering area brought together by White quartz countertops and a beautiful tile bar front in the Link's commons area

Link apartments has a plush commons area that features beautiful White quartz countertops bringing an airiness to the area

A beautiful commons area at Link apartments fitted with a beautiful White quartz curved bar and small kitchen area

Main & Stone apartments (Greenville, SC) boast luxurious living spaces with high-end touches like this granite countertops by East Coast Granite

Lavish open kitchens with sprawling granite countertops really give the apartments at Main & Stone an amazing open concept

Large granite kitchen countertops really set a luxurious upscale vibe in the Main & Stone apartments

Main & Stone apartments (Greenville, SC) brought the luxurious granite countertops in their kitchens to the bathroom vanities and this really ties the surfaces in the apartments together

Using granite countertops in the kitchens Main & Stone effectively moves the eyes from room to room with their open concept floor plans


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